High School {SENIOR LIFE} Sessions
"And now go, and make interesting mistakes,
make amazing mistakes,

make glorious and fantastic mistakes.
Break rules. Leave the world

more interesting for your being here."
- Neil Gaiman
High School {SENIOR LIFE} Sessions
The most unique Senior session in Augusta! 

So what is a High School {SENIOR LIFE} session and how is it different from a typical senior session you'd receive at a portrait studio?

A {SENIOR LIFE} session is documentary in style and tells the *story* of your high school Senior year.  What did you do?  Who were your best friends?  Where'd you go Friday nights?  Where did you do homework?  What did you drive?  What did you do for fun? Your parents, your pet, your siblings, YOUR story!

Your images are unposed and real life.  They are more than just smiling pretty standing near the water in a new shirt. Why have images like everyone else's??  You are unique so your Senior year photos should be too!!  Your smile, your relationships, your personality, your loves... this session is your life in photos.  I document what matters to you now so when you look back in 20 years, you'll remember the details and see the important things that shaped your life -- your family, your friends, your hobbies, your home....  THAT is what we capture!

A {SENIOR LIFE} session is actually FOUR sessions, each 90-min. to 2-hours long, each with a different theme, taken over the course of your high school year.  After the last session, images from each of your four sessions will be printed in an album so you have a {SENIOR LIFE} Book about YOUR year!! Unique to you!  No need to worry how many times your photo is in the school yearbook because you will have your own book full of the people and things you love the most. 

To get started, I'll email you a questionnaire to get to know you and we'll set up a time to meet with your parents to go over ideas to make your session unique to you.  Then we'll get your first session scheduled!  At our first meeting, a $500 deposit holds your session on my calendar and the balance is paid over the next 9 months, if payments are preferred. It's optional but you'll receive an additional $300 product credit to use at the end of the year if you pay the session fee in full at booking.

{SENIOR LIFE} sessions include:

  • Four themed sessions, 90-min to 2-hours each      
  • 10-x10-in, 30-page/15 spread album with 20 images from each of the four sessions (80 images in album)
  • The 80 digital files of the images used in your album with personal printing rights
  • Fifty 5x7-in custom designed graduation announcements with envelopes
  • Four 8x8-in Metal or ThinWrap Wall Art images (one from each session)
  • Eight 5x7 prints (2 from each session)
  • $2500+tax (divided into 10 payments, August - May)

{SENIOR LIFE} Theme Ideas (Choose 4)

  • Home Life
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Hobbies/Sports
  • Work
  • School Life
  • Holidays
  • Graduation (Cap & Gown - lifestyle session with guided posing)
  • NOTE: Events on set dates such a prom, homecoming, & graduation are not available as session options.

For the 2018-2019 year, space is limited to 20 Seniors.  A referral credit is offered for current {SENIOR LIFE} clients who send a friend who books his/her own {SENIOR LIFE} session.