Why {BIRTH} Photography?

"Who would want *that* photographed!?!?"  


Birth photography tells a story of the most important day in your life.  It's one that will make you cry every time you flip the pages for the rest of your life.  It's a timeless story you can pass down to your baby to share with your grandchildren.   

Birth photography allows dad to be *IN* the photos because it's his story too. It allows your family to stay focused on the mama-to-be and take care of her at a time when she is most vulnerable and needs love and support.

Like a wedding, birth photography is an event.  It's not a 90-min scheduled session with your family all cleaned up and shiny, posing at sunset on a warm spring weekend.  Birth is a last minute, "Hurry! It's time!", event that usually can't be scheduled on an exact day and time.   Babies have their own schedule.

Birth photography is dozens of images documenting the 6, 8, or 12-hour day that you labor to deliver this little human you have carried for months.  It captures *parents* and grandparents being created and a family growing. Birth story images are beautiful and raw and powerful and take your breath away.  Yes, some might be graphic but that's what birth is.  It is 10% about the actual delivery and 90% of the hours of love and family around you. Birth photography documents real life unfolding.

I often ask mamas, "Why did you hire a wedding photographer? Why didn't the groom or mother-of-the-bride take the photos?  Why spend money on a professional?" 

It's laughable to think about your groom taking your wedding photos, right?  He needs to be *IN* the photos and in the moment so why would you have him taking the pictures the day his baby is born? 

You hired a wedding photographer because you needed to know that nothing would be missed.  You wanted to have images you would cherish forever.   You wanted your wedding photographer to be experienced.  You wanted to know that he knew what he was doing.  You needed to trust him.   You wanted more than just snapshots; you wanted powerful and emotional images.  You needed someone to be your eyes for the things you didn't see because you were not going to see it all.  The photos matter.  This is once in a lifetime.  It's life changing.

All of those reasons for why you chose your wedding photographer are the same reasons for choosing a birth photographer.  Your baby's birth will become more important than your wedding day. 

I would be honored to share the day and tell the story of when your baby is born. It's important.

-Jennifer Crow
Augusta Birth Photography | Documenting Everyday::Family Storytelling Photography